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Release date:
Expected Fall 2020

PC / Mac



Clan O'Conall is a 2D art-led action-adventure puzzle-platformer rich with Celtic folklore. Players strategically switch between three siblings, heirs to Chief Ardan's throne, as they fight through the evil spirits and deadly bosses to stop Caoránach, the Mother of Demons, from killing their father, stealing the power of the Crown of the Stag, and ultimately igniting a new war between the Aos Sí and the mortals. A beautiful foray into Celtic mythology set alongside a rich soundtrack by Moonwalk Audio.

Celtic folklore is hardly represented in the gaming industry and our team was eager to share these stories with a new audience. Our art director and animator spent time researching in Ireland, Scotland and Wales to further his understanding and historical knowledge of the region. A great deal of effort has been devoted to researching this fascinating material. The game artwork is beautifully unique, with special attention being placed on stylistically depicting creatures from celtic-gaelic folklore and the incredible environments of first millenium Hibernia.


  • Switch between three heroes and skillfully wield their unique abilities to dominate enemies!
  • Conquer challenging and unique puzzles.
  • Stunning art style that enhances the game experience.
  • Quest across epic levels and complicated platforming!
  • Celtic, Scottish, and Welsh folklore and storytelling!
  • Boss fights carefully designed after creatures of folklore.
  • A dynamic soundtrack by Adam Gubman!


Clan O'Conall - Reveal Trailer YouTube


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Clan O'Conall - Level (4).png
Clan O'Conall - Boss Fight.png
Clan O'Conall - Level (3).png
Clan O'Conall - Clan.png
Clan O'Conall - Caoranach.png
Clan O'Conall - Level (2).png
Clan O'Conall - Level (5).png
Clan O'Conall - Title Card.png
Clan O'Conall - Level (1).png

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Excellent use of lore within art and storytelling" Ubisoft Indie Series Jury

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Clan O'Conall Credits

Francisco Garcia
Team Lead and Project Manager

Kelly Conely
Art Director

Duane Menezes
Lead Game Developer

Jin Cai
Game Developer

Jake Nissen
Game and Level Designer

Sam Elkana
Artist and Animator

James Pratt
Junior Level Designer

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