EduGaming Development

Our mission is to make learning an accessible, empowering
and fun social experience.

Curriculum-based design

Our EduGames are modeled on best practices in Ontario and International educational foundations.

Dynamic Learning Through Play

Games are a conduit of learning and mastery. Through game design and user experience testing, we create learning experiences that respond to, and learn from, player engagement.

Balancing Motivation and Engagement

We all learn in both active and passive capacities. Our EduGames facilitate players when they’re most engaged, and challenge them to improve their skills both within and without the app.

Positive Social Experiences

We learn best when we do it together. Social participation, competition, and communication creates learning games that are even more fun and rewarding with friends and family!

HitGrab Inc. EduGaming is an ongoing project for 2021-2022, as we introduce new and innovative educational tools for personal and professional development.

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