We are a leading Toronto-based Indie gaming studio that is extremely passionate about our games, crazy about our ever evolving community, and love our coffee.


  • MouseHunt: Over 15 year running our “Massive-Passive” idle game!
  • MouseHunt: Proud recipient of 1 of 5 exclusive grants from Facebook
  • Clan O’Conall: Ubisoft Indie series finalist
  • Clan O’Conall: Nordic Games Discovery Contest finalist
  • Outworld Battlegrounds: Big Indie Pitch G-Star winner
  • MouseHunt World: Very Big Indie Pitch London finalist

Proud Achievements

  • Long-running flagship title MouseHunt with dedicated fanbase
  • Clan O’Conall is nominated as a finalist entry for the Nordic Games Discovery Contest 2021 and the Canadian Game Awards 2021 – Best Art Direction
  • First release on Steam with Outworld Battlegrounds – our first 2D top down shooter
  • First geo-location based game MouseHunt World released Q1 2020
  • Our art-led action platformer, Clan O’Conall, released April 2021 for Steam