Privacy Policy

This privacy policy refers to any personal online service offered by Hitgrab, Inc. (‘Hitgrab’), which may be a downloaded software, a software embedded on a web site (‘Hitgrab Games’) any applications created by Hitgrab and available through social networking sites, any software running on Hitgrab’s servers, (‘Hitgrab Software’), content, related documentation, information on the Hitgrab domain, and information made available by users to each other through the Hitgrab Software (collectively, the ‘Service’). This policy is intended to let you know how we use your information, and how we protect that information from unauthorized disclosure to others.

By using the Service, you consent to the collection and use of the personal information outlined in this document.

What Information Do We Collect?

When you register for a Hitgrab Game or Service, we collect your:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Locale

We store this information for more than 24 hours, and use it in your Hitgrab profile.

On occasion, we may allow you to voluntarily submit other information about yourself (such as email, country of residence, timezone, occupation, hobbies, interests, etc.), or we may collect that information from social networking systems on which you have used Hitgrab Games (in accordance with the terms of use of those systems). These activities are also covered by the rules outlined in this privacy policy.

If you choose to share information about yourself in other content, such as in games, your actions will be considered public, and we accept no liability for information which you freely disclose to other users. Personal information that you disclose to other users may be collected and used by others, and you do so at their own risk. Terminating your account, which may be done at any time via Hitgrab customer support, will remove this information from public view. Hitgrab may, (but is not obligated to) keep collected information regarding your account after termination.

When you access the Service on your social network page or access the Service on someone else’s page, we may record information regarding the use of that Service, and we may collect other information that is visible on your social network page in keeping with that page’s terms of use. It is your responsibility to be aware of the terms of use associated with the social networking sites on which we operate. We may use information about you that we collect from other sources, such as newspapers, blogs, instant messaging services and other Hitgrab users to add to your profile.

We are not responsible for the privacy policies of any other website. These terms apply solely to Services provided by Hitgrab.

Hitgrab also collects aggregate information about use of the Service, in order to assess user activity. This information includes data on users accessing the Hitgrab site or playing Hitgrab games or using games on other sites, such as internet protocol addresses, browser type, browser language, referring / exit pages and URLs, other browser history, platform type, number of clicks, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed and the order of those pages, the amount of time spent on particular pages, and the date and time (‘Activity Information’).

By using the Service, you consent to our retaining all the above-described information, in anonymous form, as long as Hitgrab sees fit.

How does Hitgrab protect children’s information?

We do not collect or solicit personal information from anyone under the age of 13, and registration by such persons is prohibited. Minors over the age of 13 are advised to provide information to the Service only with the guidance and permission of a responsible adult.

How does Hitgrab use your information?

Hitgrab does not sell or rent ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ to any third party. We do, however, use your public information to determine what material you might like to view to aid advertisers in targeting their ads.

We keep your name, email address and other information in our system to help us contact you regarding the Service as well as customize the Service to suit you. If you do not want to receive emails, they contain an unsubscribe link.

If Hitgrab is required, for any reason, to disclose your personal information to a government or legal authority, Hitgrab will comply with the legal process. Hitgrab is not required to question or contest the validity of any search warrant, subpoena or other similar governmental request that Hitgrab receives.

Hitgrab may retain indefinitely or delete copies of your Content in its sole discretion. If Hitgrab deems that Content, for any or no reason is in violation of our Terms of Service, Hitgrab may delete it.

We use non-Personally Identifiable Information and technical information about your computer and your access of the Service (including your internet protocol address) in order to operate, maintain and manage the Service.

Hitgrab may disclose information about you to its partners in order to provide the Service, resolve issues in the Service or offer special promotions related to the Service. We do not give our partners an independent right to share this information.

Due to our contractual obligations with these third parties and the need to share information to deliver and support the Service, we cannot provide you with the opportunity to opt-out of sharing information with these third parties.Hitgrab, certain of its partners, and their contractors and employees may view the Content that you transmit to the service to provide the Service and otherwise perform the tasks set forth in this Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to transfer your personal information in the event of an aquisition, merger, or other such transfer of ownership. In that case, a new privacy policy will be drafted and users will be notified of the change.

How does Hitgrab use information provided about others?

Users of the Service have the option to provide email addresses to Hitgrab, to invite others to play or to communicate through the Service. We use this information to contact that person and, at times, remind them to join Hitgrab or accept received content. All invitees are provided with the option not to receive any more emails from Hitgrab.

Additional Information on Cookies, Third Party Advertising Companies, and Security

The Service uses ‘cookies’, small text files recorded on your hard drive that the Service uses to identify you, to help you access the Games, improve service quality and make recommendations. The Service may contain links to other web sites, and content in Hitgrab games may be hosted on other web sites. It is the user’s responsibility to be familiar with the cookie and information collection policies of these other sites.

Hitgrab uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads on our site and on Hitgrab games. Our system and the third-party advertising technology uses information derived from Activity Information, Hitgrab’s cookies on your hard drive, your visits to our site, and the Hitgrab games that you view to target advertising to you. In the course of advertisements being served to you, a unique third-party cookie or cookies may be placed on your computer. Similarly, third-party advertising companies may provide us with pixel tags (also called ‘clear gifs’ or ‘beacons’) to help manage and optimize our online advertising. Beacons allow us to recognize a browser’s cookie when a browser visits the site on which the beacon is located, and to learn which banner ads bring users to a given site.

Hitgrab does not provide any Personally Identifiable Information to third-party advertising companies.

Hitgrab takes care to ensure our users’ security of information. We keep account information on a secured server behind a firewall. Any sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or passwords, are encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL). (To learn more about SSL, click HERE). Please do not send Hitgrab any sensitive information via email or instant message.

Additional Questions

If you have any questions about Hitgrab or the use of your information, would like to request a copy of your data or request that your data be removed from our system, please contact our Data Privacy Officer by email at