Heroes of Light

Heroes of Light

Heroes of Light is a fast paced action – role playing game that features a huge world to explore amidst the jungles of Mexico with several playable characters and an in depth looting system.

Mousehunt Puzzletrap

Mousehunt Puzzletrap

MouseHunt Puzzle Trap tests your puzzle solving skills to capture animated mice by coercing them into your trap. Pop obstacles made up of two or more matching stones, explode bombs to clear troublesome obstructions and use enticing cheese to draw your foe into the trap. Earn gold as you experience gorgeous graphics, enthralling gameplay, challenging levels and capture loads of fun mice. Do you have what it takes to conquer the strange lands of Gnawnia, Burroughs and Furoma?

Gummy Blast


Delight yourself with our sparkling Gummy Blast kingdom, filled with gorgeous graphics, easy to use gameplay, funny twists and exciting power up bombs. Can you crack the puzzles and beat the levels to be a Gummy Blast Pro?



Sudoku is the classic game of math and logic that will challenge you to solve easy to difficult puzzles!
Fun and challenging with gorgeous graphics and an easy to manoeuvre interface. Get your Sudoku game on and stimulate your brain! Unlimited play and customizable skill levels that make getting that perfect score worthwhile!

Clan O'Conall And The Crown Of The Stag

Clan O’Conall

Clan O’Conall is a 2D art-led action-adventure puzzle-platformer rich with Celtic folklore. Players strategically switch between three siblings, heirs to Chief Ardan’s throne, as they fight through the evil spirits and deadly bosses to stop Caoranach, the Mother of Demons, from killing their father, stealing the power of the Crown of the Stag, and ultimately igniting a new war between the Aos Sí and the mortals. A beautiful foray into Celtic mythology set alongside a rich soundtrack by Moonwalk Audio. Clan O'Conall L_OC_EN_RGB_KO-300x132 Featured Clan O’Conall was created with support from Ontario Creates

Mousehunt World

MouseHunt World

MouseHunt World is a collection-based passive game where players catch virtual mice in traps they set-up at real life locations. Using GPS technology, players will be able to turn their world into an intriguing virtual playground for gameplay on-the-go. The game has multiple levels of complexity and adaptive gameplay strategy, as players must choose carefully which trap they use in particular locations, and what kind of bait to use. Players can turn their daily routines into an exciting journey of strategic gameplay and fun discovery.The game is an innovative progression to the already established MouseHunt game.


MouseHunt World L_OC_EN_RGB_KO-300x132 Featured
MouseHunt World was created with support from Ontario Creates

Outworld Battlegrounds

Outworld Battlegrounds

Drop onto a distant planet and be prepared to fight for your life! OutWorld Battlegrounds (winner of the Big Indie Pitch G-Star) is a super fun, fast-paced, Cyber-Punk, Pixel-Art, Battle Royale style, 2D top-down shooter with an amazing vision system that truly mimics a first-person-shooter feel.
We’ve implemented the best aspects of true Battle Royale gameplay – vulnerability, frenetic looting, tense survival, and that oh-so-tasty ‘Chicken Dinners’, but we’ve condensed it all into a much faster paced and retro-styled game.

Mouse Hunt


In MouseHunt, you’ll engage in fun royal quests as a MouseHunter, hired by the King, to catch the unique and ridiculous mice that have invaded the kingdom of Gnawnia! For each mouse you catch, you’ll earn great rewards, bringing you ever closer to being the best MouseHunter in the land!

Customize your own powerful mouse trap and see if you can outwit the mice of Gnawnia! With more than 400 different mice to catch, and 38 locations to travel to, you’ll have hundreds of hours of mouse-hunting fun!


● 700+ unique and ridiculous mice to catch!

● 38 different locations to travel to!

● Hundreds of mouse trap components to mix and match!

● 72 bazillion trap combinations!

● Free updates with new mice, locations, trap components, and more!

Can YOU catch all the mice? Let your hunt begin!

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